Welcome to Big Bang Science, the home of Big Bang Box! Though our subscription box and school clubs, we bring science to life for primary aged children!

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Big Bang Box

Big Bang Box is a subscription science box for children aged 5 to 12. Every month we create new, limited edition, science kits for you to enjoy. Each has its own theme for you to explore and contains 4 experiments. You also get a 16-page exclusive science magazine containing facts, questions, illustrations, and all your instructions!

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Investigating the gases in our air with lots of pops, fizzes and even fire

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Experiment Hub

Check out the EXPERIMENT HUB for weekly experiments for you to try at home!

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School Clubs

in Dorset

We started our science journey in Dorset, where we still continue to be the leading provider of extra-curricular science. Locally we run afterschool and lunchtime science clubs in over 12 schools, as well as running workshops in the holidays!

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