Shaving Foam Science

This is a recorded LIVE LABS session from the 18th of February 2021

You will need: A tray, a can of shaving FOAM, 2 different food colourings, fork, white paper, and an empty jar.

Storm in a Jar:

  1. Fill an empty jam jar 2/3 with water
  2. Top up with shaving foam
  3. Drop some food colouring over the surface of the shaving foam and patiently watch
  4. Over time the water-soluble food colouring will work its way to the water level where it will burst through creating swirls and a rainstorm.

Ink Absorption:

  1. Cover a tray in a layer of shaving foam
  2. Drop some food colouring over the shaving foam randomly, making sure both colours are used (about 6 drops of each colour)
  3. Using a fork carefully mix and drag the colours around to create a pattern. Do not over mix as you don’t want the colours to blend to much.
  4. Place a piece of paper down onto the tray so it has direct contact with the shaving foam and food colour.
  5. Rub your hand over the paper a few times to encourage the absorption onto the paper and then gently peel it away.
  6. Place foam side up on a table and using kitchen roll or similar, wipe the shaving foam away. (You may need your adult helper here as it can get messy)

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