Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Note: The common name of Big Bang Science Ltd is Big Bang Science. We will use these names interchangeably.

Big Bang Science affiliate program

By becoming a Big Bang Science affiliate you understand, acknowledge and agree to the following:

There is no obligation for you to do/share/post anything to do with Big Bang Science, and by not doing so does not affect your affiliate status.

Anything you do share or post related to Big Bang Science should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You should act under your own name and should not claim to be or impersonate Big Bang Science
  • You should not associate Big Bang Science with anything illegal or inappropriate
  • You should feel free to use, wherever you see fit, any of the materials provided to you by Big Bang Science or posted online by Big Bang Science, under the condition that Big Bang Science is attributed.
  • Any of your own photos showcasing Big Bang Science products or services that have been provided to you for free should also attribute Big Bang Science

You will receive commission, agreed upon on an individual basis, for every sale (including payments in a recurring subscription).

You should feel free to be 100% honest. We only want you to post good things if you believe what you are saying! If you decide that you don’t like any of the products, feel free to let us know and provide feedback.

You can leave our affiliate program at any point, but this will also remove access to any materials provided by Big Bang Science for affiliates, and prevent you being paid any outstanding commission or commission on recurring subscriptions.

Big Bang Science can revoke affiliate status at any point.

Free materials

You will receive lots of virtual materials such as logos, promotional photos/videos, promotional graphics and other Big Bang Science graphics.

You can also request any products for free at any time. If approved, you will be sent these free of charge. For subscription products, you will receive a free subscription automatically on the condition that you made at least one sale in the previous month. Reasons that a free product may not be approved include (but are not limited to) not having made any sales previously, despite having been sent more than one free product.

Attributing Big Bang Science

Attribution is required when you are posting material provided by Big Bang Science, or posting your own photos or videos of Big Bang Science products or services that have been provided to you for free. Only one attribution is required per post.