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Detective Science

SCIENCE KIT – AVAILABLE APR 2021 ONLY This month in we’ve been talking to some real-life detectives and forensic scientists! Back in the lab, we have replicated some of their techniques so that we can send you some real detective science! In our DETECTIVE SCIENCE kit we’ll be learning about forensics. We’re sending you some […]

Science Rocks

SCIENCE KIT – AVAILABLE MAR 2021 ONLY This month in the lab we’ve been investigating fossils… ready to send some out to you! In our SCIENCE ROCKS kit we’ll be learning about geology. We’ll be investigating the rock cycle using chocolate and discovering how fossils formed by making our very own! We’ll also be sending […]

Soapy Science

SCIENCE KIT – AVAILABLE FEB 2021 ONLY We have been inundated with bubbles this month! Our lab has been overrun with soap, bath bombs and bubbles as we plan this awesome science kit! In our SOAPY SCIENCE kit we’ll be investigating bubbles and learning all about how soap works! We’ll also be making our very […]